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Guide to avoiding pits with handheld vacuum cleaners



What kind of vacuum cleaner do you need?

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, we will consider what type of vacuum cleaner to choose, whether to choose a wired or wireless? Vertical or barrel type, etc. Simply put, the difference in vacuum cleaner types is divided into wired and wireless handheld vacuum cleaners.
The wired model is full of energy, so don't worry about battery life;
The wireless model is small and convenient, and the range of use is not limited;
But because of the different shapes and usage scenarios, many types are subdivided.


What does a qualified vacuum cleaner look like?

Basic principles of purchasing a vacuum cleaner
First of all, we must clarify what the most important thing to buy a vacuum cleaner is. I think the first one is the cleaning effect. The second is to be convenient and easy to operate.
The specific analysis is the following aspects:
①. The suction power should be significant. The greater the suction power, the better the dust collection effect.
②. The impact of handling dust particles should be good, and secondary pollution should be avoided.
③. The battery life should belong, and you don't want to send it when it is half clean, and there is no electricity.
④. The brush head should be complete to meet the needs of multi-scene use.
⑤. The operation should be simple, not too heavy, and easy to finalize the home hygiene.


What qualities should a good vacuum cleaner have?

①. Cleaning efficiency issues-suction power, motor type, motor speed
Motor: Early vacuum cleaners used brush motors with mature technology and stable performance. But the shortcomings are also evident. The high-speed operation will cause the engine to heat up, reduce the service life, and produce more excellent noise.
As an upgraded product, brushless motors are better than brush motors in all aspects of live performance.
Motor speed: The motor speed and the suction power are directly linked. The faster the motor speed, the higher the suction power, and the better the dust collection effect.
At present, the best vacuum cleaner on the market is Dyson, with a rotation speed of 125,000 rpm and suction power of up to 185AW.

Brushless motor handheld vacuum cleaner

Technical parameters of XCLEA Best suction power vacuum cleaner:

⑴. One hundred thousand rpm brushless motor provides 125W suction power.
⑵.99.99% filter efficiency of the whole machine.
⑶. 65 minutes of extended battery life in normal mode.
A vacuum cleaner with a higher suction power has a better effect of removing mites. The working principle of the mite removing instrument is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner.

②. Lasting and stable suction-multi-cone cyclone technology
Earlier vacuum cleaners were mainly designed with dust bags, but they were easily clogged with dust and weakened the suction power. It was not until James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, applied cyclone separation technology to vacuum cleaners that the vacuum cleaner's "no suction power attenuation" effect was solved.
The application of multi-cone cyclone technology solves the problem of non-attenuation of suction. It improves the separation efficiency so that the filter is not so easy to accumulate dust, which also avoids secondary pollution.
Dyson has reached 15 concentric cyclone groups. The Floor cleaner that vacuums and mops launched by Xclea have a leading 120,000 rpm brushless motor. The number of concentric cyclone groups has reached 10, and the suction vacuum that can be achieved is 25kpa, which is enough to meet the daily household cleaning needs.

③. Multi-scene use-multi-brush head type
A large part of the reason why vacuum cleaners are popular with everyone is that there are many types of suction heads, which can be used in various scenes at home.
⑴. Plush roller floor brush: It can well absorb dust, hair, debris, and other garbage on the ground.
⑵. Electric mite removal suction head: It has a good effect of removing mites on bedding, duvet covers, sofas, and plush toys, and the mite removal rate is as high as 99.99%.
⑶. Brush suction head: can be used to clean curtains, keyboards and the environment in the car, etc.
⑷. Gap cleaning nozzle: suitable for cleaning the dust in some narrow gaps between sofa gaps and window slots.
⑸.7 times telescopic hose: mainly used with brush suction head and gap suction head.

④. Cleaning efficiency-battery life
Everyone is more concerned about battery life; after all, no one wants to run out of electricity when it is half cleaned. At present, the battery life of low-end vacuum cleaners is basically 40 to 60 minutes, while the flagship products of various brands are longer, up to 90 minutes, which can be said to be very good.
When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you can choose according to the size of your home. The large apartment must be selected for more than 60 minutes, and the small and medium-sized apartment generally can meet the daily needs of about 40-60 minutes. Xclea specifically uses BMS battery management technology for Floor cleaners that vacuums and mops, which can provide up to 65 minutes of battery life in strong mode.

⑤. Humanized design-dust cup, intelligent perception, OLED screen, suction, and drag integrated
At present, the design of the dust cup mainly includes two kinds of snap-type dust cup and capsule-type dust cup.
Snap-in dust cup: it will not touch dust when disposing of garbage, which is relatively more convenient, but it is easy to bounce up dust when it is opened.
Capsule dust cup: The dust cup is wholly disassembled to dump the garbage. The disassembly is straightforward, but the dust is easy to come into contact with when dumping the trash.
Intelligent perception: Automatically adjust the suction power according to the amount of dust; the more dust, the stronger the suction power, no need to switch the mode manually.
Integrated suction and mopping: It can both sweep and mop. The effect of dealing with stubborn stains on the floor is perfect, especially for cleaning the kitchen floor. However, the mop needs to be cleaned manually. If only the mop can be cleaned automatically like a sweeper anytime.
OLED screen: View battery power, working mode, and other data more intuitively, but only for flagship models.