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Is a household vacuum cleaner worth buying?


Why do you need a vacuum cleaner for buyers?

In my opinion, the reason for needing a vacuum cleaner is simple. Vacuum cleaners can help us clean household hygiene more quickly and effortlessly. From a hygienic point of view, the effect is better, such as the mites removal function of handheld vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner allows us to quickly and efficiently complete the home cleaning in a fast-paced life and always enjoy the new environment. A sudden epidemic in 2020 made many people pay more attention to household hygiene issues. Vacuum cleaners are not only intelligent and labour-saving helpers but also a powerful guarantee for maintaining household hygiene. Therefore, buying a vacuum cleaner is absolutely necessary!

The role of home vacuum cleaners

The appearance of household vacuum cleaners has reduced the workload of our housework. Usually, if we use brooms to sweep the floor, it may cause "sandstorms" while cleaning the ground, causing the indoor air to be polluted again. Dust flying is not a problem for vacuum cleaners. It can help you clean up the garbage scattered on the ground quickly and well.

For me, there are four reasons why buyers use vacuum cleaners:
1. It can save time and clean quickly;
2. Can easily clean without bending over, not so tired;
3. The cleaning effect is good, and the hair is swept away;
4. Mopping the floor to remove mites, the health index rises.

Vacuum cleaner for home use

Household vacuum cleaners are a relatively mature product. Consumers should not only look at the price when buying but also pay attention to the following points:
1. Motor
The motor is a core component, and it has a more significant impact on the noise, service life and dust collection effect of the vacuum cleaner. Usually, we look at whether the motor is better or not, depending on whether the vibration sound of the casing itself is large or small and whether the vacuuming effect is good or not.
2. Power
Generally speaking, the size of the power does determine the size of the suction power, that is, the working efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. If the suction power is too small, the dust and garbage cannot be cleaned up, so the suction power should be slightly larger.
3. Tightness
The quality of this vacuum cleaner can be seen from the airtightness. A vacuum cleaner with good airtightness is also more energy-efficient, and the suction power and noise control will be superior.
4. Noise
Because of the motor, the vacuum cleaner will inevitably make some noise when it is used. If the noise is deafening, no one likes it. Try to buy a lower noise and choose a vacuum cleaner with noise less than 80 decibels.
The above are the issues that everyone needs to pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner. If you are more concerned about the appearance of the vacuum cleaner, you can also pay attention to the appearance design of the following products because many people feel that the appearance of home appliances directly reflects the taste of buyers.

Note the use of household vacuum cleaners

1. When using the vacuum cleaner, pay attention to install the dust filter bag to prevent dust from entering the motor room.
2. Don't use a vacuum cleaner to suck small particles such as cement, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc. Otherwise, it will cause the dust bag or filter of the vacuum cleaner to block or the motor to burn out.
3. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use a damp cloth with water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline and other solvents; otherwise, it will cause the vacuum cleaner casing to crack or fade.
4. Do not let the vacuum cleaner be too close to fire sources and other high-temperature places.
5. The vacuum cleaner cannot be used to absorb water and other liquids, and the vacuum cleaner cannot be directly washed with water.