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Multiple uses of household vacuum cleaners


With the improvement of people's living standards, household appliances are used more and more, and various types of large and small appliances have begun to enter our lives. In recent years, vacuum cleaners that can free hands while also better cleaning dust on the ground has been favoured by more and more consumers.

Compared with the traditional cleaning method using brooms, the emergence of vacuum cleaners makes ground cleaning and dust removal more efficient and convenient. But if you think that household vacuum cleaners suck up dust on the ground, that makes little use of great talent! In fact, the principle of vacuum cleaners can help users do a lot of things faster. Here are some tips for using vacuum cleaners.

Eight additional uses for household vacuum cleaners

1. Deep cleaning of the mattress
This is an additional function of the vacuum cleaner, which has been known by many people. Basically, besides cleaning the ground, it is the most commonly used function. Even many vacuum cleaner products on the market have special mattress cleaning nozzles directly.

We know that although bed sheets are often changed and cleaned, mites tend to grow inside the mattress, so deep cleaning is necessary. And using a vacuum cleaner to remove mites, bacteria, etc., from the bed will often achieve good results.

2. Clean the curtains
Changing and washing curtains is very troublesome, so many families have a more extended period of altering and washing the curtains. It is not always possible to change and clean once a few months. And every once in a while, using a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the surface of the curtains can have a good cleaning effect and extend the cycle of changing and washing the curtains.

Cleaning curtains with a vacuum cleaner

3. Clear the gap
In daily household cleaning, in addition to the largest area of floor cleaning, there are often many gaps that are usually difficult to cover, such as window gaps, wardrobe slides, etc., and the use of a vacuum cleaner can quickly and easily absorb the dust in the holes.

Clean the crevices with a vacuum cleaner

4. Pet hair cleaning
Many households with pets have a relatively great demand for vacuum cleaners, mainly because vacuum cleaners can effectively remove pet hair.
When cleaning with traditional brooms, pets have lighter hair and fly around and are difficult to concentrate on. The vacuum cleaner can easily remove these hairs. Based on this alone, it is strongly recommended that households with pets be equipped with a household vacuum cleaner.

Although the above points are all additional functions of vacuum cleaners, they are still relatively conventional. The following vacuum cleaners may be used in unexpected ways.

5. Look for small objects that are hard to find
In life, there are often memorable scenes, such as when a "small object" falls into a crack in the floor and cannot be taken out. Just pull out the suction head of the vacuum cleaner and put a layer of gauze on it. Adjust the wind force to the strongest, aim at the gap and suck back and forth to quickly suck out the "small objects", and they will adhere to the surface of the gauze.

6. Quick vacuum
In the usual storage process, such as down jackets, bedding, etc., after bagging and vacuuming, a lot of storage space can be saved. And if the sealed bag you bought does not come with an air pump, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the sealed bag, and the air extraction efficiency is even higher than those of the included air pump.

7. Cleaning of electrical appliances
Because of the electrostatic effect, the inside of electrical appliances such as computer mainframes is more prone to dust. After a long time, we need to clean the dust. Otherwise, it may affect the heat dissipation and regular use of electrical appliances.
At this time, the vacuum cleaner only needs to suck lightly, and the dust is gone, simple and convenient!

8. Suck away flies and mosquitoes
No mistake, not only dust but also flies and mosquitoes.
Especially in summer, we throw the leftover peels and pits in the trash can. The next day will attract some flying mosquitoes and flies—the unsanitary.
At this time, you can use the vacuum cleaner to open to the most vital position, suck all the mosquitoes and flies near the trash can, and then conduct centralized treatment to prevent these mosquitoes from flying around the house.

Of course, the principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the motor drives the blades to rotate at high speed, generating negative air pressure in the sealed casing and sucking dust. It is this simple principle that makes the magical functions of the vacuum cleaner diversified and perhaps more interesting. The magical effect of the unexpected vacuum cleaner is waiting for you to discover.