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How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

When purchasing, you can choose the specifications of the vacuum cleaner from the structural shape, motor capacity and whether the functions used are in line with the actual use situation.
For families, it is more suitable to use a vacuum cleaner with 400 to 600 watts, which is enough to remove dust from household carpets and the like.
When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should first look at the vacuum cleaner housing.
If it is a plastic cylinder, check whether the cylinder is cracked, and also pay attention to whether the connection between the upper and lower cylinders is tight. If it is a metal cylinder, first check whether the cylinder is bruised and whether the paint is uniform. , Is there a seal between the upper and lower cylinders?
After checking the appearance, turn on the vacuum cleaner, and there will be a suction sound after the power is turned on.
When you block the suction port of the vacuum cleaner with your hand, the noise of the motor increases significantly. At this time, the hand will feel a huge suction force, and it will be very laborious to remove the hand.