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What are the characteristics of an Easy home robotic vacuum cleaner?

1. Strong cleaning power

The cleaning power of Easy home robotic vacuum cleaner is strong, and its main working principle is concentrated on the word "suction", so the cleaning power is very outstanding. Using a vacuum cleaner can quickly roll up the sundries on the ground, and the basic indoor cleaning can be completed in ten minutes. It is efficient and fast, and it is very practical.

2. Wide range of uses

In addition to cleaning the ground, Easy home robotic vacuum cleaner can also clean household fabrics such as sofas and bedspreads, and can also be used to find sundries, evacuating storage bags, etc.

3. Various modes

The vacuum cleaner has a very strong suction power for cleaning large pieces of garbage, and the size of the suction port can be adjusted at any time. In the face of different environments, it can adapt to different cleaning modes, and the cleaning methods are more diverse.

4. Good filtering effect

It can effectively remove harmful dust that is allergic to respiratory trachea and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The built-in motor constant temperature and overheating protection device can not only ensure that the vacuum cleaner works for a long time, but also ensure that the motor of the vacuum cleaner is overheated and automatically stops running after working for a long time to protect the motor....