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Which vacuum cleaners are suitable for home use?

1. Portable vacuum cleaner

The general hand-held vacuum cleaner is designed to be very light and flexible. With a portable design, we only need to pick it up and press the switch to quickly vacuum. Many hand-held vacuums also involve a sling design, which we can easily straddle around the waist, which is very convenient. Generally, hand-held vacuum cleaners are used in cars or in some small areas.

2. Smart vacuum cleaner

Smart vacuum cleaners are now very popular sweeping robots, which can automatically clean the dust and garbage on the floor, including pet hair and so on. The reason why it is called a smart vacuum cleaner is that it can automatically return to charge after the work is completed, and its internal core chip can be freely controlled, which is very convenient.
3. Central dust removal system

The central dust removal system is a high-end vacuum cleaner. Its vacuum host is generally placed outdoors, and can be placed in balconies, garages and other places. The vacuum pipes are connected to each room, and there is only a small and beautiful vacuum cleaner on the wall. Dust socket. When you want to clean, you only need to turn on the main unit switch, then the large and small dust, paper scraps, cigarette butts, harmful microorganisms in the room, and even bad smells such as smoke in the room will be transmitted to the central collection station through strictly sealed pipes, and the air will change. very fresh.